A disinfectant and deodorizing pump-type spray made with twice the concentration of "Stable Sodium Hypochlorite" as the original SEGRICO.
With twice the capacity as the spray, it comes in an easy to use pump-type bottle.
It instantaneously deodorizes and disinfects various bacteria and viruses at the same time.
Despite its powerful effect, it is made from safe ingredients and can also be used in environments with babies.
This one spray can be used for all scenes in everyday life. It is a "Next Generation Disinfectant and Deodorizing Pump".

Número de producto SR-20651
Capacidad 650ml
Ingredientes Hipoclorito de sodio estable. agua pura
Concentración de cloro 200ppm
Naturaleza alcalina débil
pH 10.2-10.9
Características líquido incoloro, transparente e inodoro
Tipo de envase Spray nebulizador
Material del envase PE, Bomba: PP, Boquilla: Latón
Tamaño del producto Diámetro:80mm, Parte recta de la botella: 120mm,
Altura: 218mm
PVP recomendado Libre